Greenwood Pre-School Curriculum


Our curriculum holds the themes and practices of The Early Years Foundation Stage at its heart. Your child will engage in experiences across the seven areas of learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, these are:


Prime Areas of Learning

Area of Learning

Aspects within area

Personal Social and Emotional Development

Making relationships

Self-confidence and Self-awareness Managing Feelings and Behaviour

Physical Development

Moving and Handling

Health and Self care

Communication and Language

Listening and Attention



Specific Areas of Learning






Shape Space and Measure

Understanding of the World

People and Communities

The World


Expressive arts and design

Exploring and Using Media and Materials

Being imaginative


Each session allows for plenty of free play with our highly qualified staff on hand to interact and support the children while they follow their personal interests. We ensure that there is a clear structure throughout each session and plan daily small group activities. Every child has a small group phonics session each day. Additional to these phonic sessions the children also have small group focus time where they engage with stories, songs, music and mathematical concepts. We ensure that through all activities children are highly motivated, are able to play and explore, are given opportunities to think critically and can communicate their ideas.


Key workers also lead a ‘family group’ with their key children in it. The small group sessions are taught within these family groups. This allows the child to become used to being a valued member of a team who communicates effectively within a group in preparation for joining a larger class structure once at school.


Our curriculum has a theme each term, which we share with parents. While our themes are thoroughly planned and linked to all of the Early Years Foundation Stage areas of learning our practitioners are highly flexible and ensure our planning is personalised for each child within the setting to truly meet their individual needs.